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Had an interesting day today. I was visiting a friend in Pine Island since yesterday afternoon and left today around noon. On the way home I stopped in to a few gift shops with my book to talk business. After that I decided to take the long way home so I could look for any book stores that might exist along the Tamiami Trail in Port Charlotte and neighboring towns. I was on that road for about 17 miles, and most of what I saw were fast-food restaurants, bars, liquor stores, and gun shops. I think the symbol for the state of Florida should be a well-armed drunk with high cholesterol.
The weather was nice, though! Our first really nice cold front since February 2013, if memory serves me. Kind of like October in most other places in the U.S., but I’ll take it. Should warm up again tomorrow . . . perhaps I’ll grab a sleeping bag and sleep out on my porch tonight, enjoy it while I can . . . maybe  bring along a shot gun, a bottle of bourbon, and a couple of cheeseburgers. Do it Florida style!


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