Thanks for taking part in this year’s Blog Hop.  I hope you found it enjoyable, got introduced to some new author’s works, and won a bunch of free stuff.  There are many people out there writing books, and it’s hard if you’re an author to get your work out there.  It’s also hard, if you’re a reader, to find something new.  In this way, I hope we’ve scratched each other’s backs.  I apologize for 4 days of promotions on my Facebook page, but I hope you at least found some of them humorous….  So, without further delay, here are the five winners from my blog page:

First Place:  Sherry Malone

Second place: Maggie Steele

Third Place: Sarah Miles

Fourth Place: Bobbi Kinion

Fifth Place: author Mandy White

Congratulations!  For places 1 -2, I will need your mailing addresses.  For 3 – 4, I’ll need your mailing addresses plus your email addresses.  And for 5th place, I will need your email address.  Please PM me on Facebook with that information.  If I don’t hear from you, I’ll contact you.  Enjoy!

Strange Front Cover jpg


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