Strange Times in Yeehaw Junction Front CoverA road trip turns into one helluva life trip for friends Thomas and Lee as they inadvertently enter a mysterious Florida town called Yeehaw Junction, which shall not be ignored. 

Crazy doesn’t quite cover these adventures, as the book’s tagline attests: A Bizzare Journey Born of Unforeseen Circumstances and Questionable  Decisions.

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The line between sanity and being just flat-out nuts is indeed a thin one.

Best friends, Thomas and Lee, soon discover the indelible reality of that statement as they take to the Florida highways and byways to deliver a treadmill of questionable value to a family member at the behest of Thomas’ mother.

Along the way, Thomas, ever the doubter, and Lee, ever the free spirit, inadvertently pass through a town called Yeehaw Junction . . . and it is here they witness what can only be described as falling through the air in a strange dream: Jell-O wrestling matches, an imaginary dog with a drinking problem, and four hunters on a maniacal quest to bag the elusive Jackalope.

Still, through it all, Thomas and Lee find romance—indeed true love—and a peek into their intrinsic natures, realizing that not everything, including one’s emotions, is as clear it may seem on the surface.

Hop in and come along for the ride to Yeehaw Junction. Don’t forget to bring your gnome!